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Personal Mission-About Me


My personal artistic mission is to tell truthful stories of humanity; the lovely, the messy, the joyous, and the tragic stories that audiences can look at and see themselves in. I try to approach each and every role I play with as much knowledge and research as possible because I want to tell stories that are relevant to today’s social, political, and cultural climates. Even the classics—Shakespeare, Moliere, and Sophocles—are stories of the extreme scale of human nature and can reflect the world today. Ultimately, I want audiences that come to see me in a show to see a little bit of themselves in me, in the story I am telling on that stage. If I can do that with at least one audience member a show, then I will be achieving my mission.




You can leave a message for me here or contact me directly by phone or email.

Tel: 408-440-7808

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